Creating and optimizing of your AIRBNB account

Разработваме и поддържаме всеки профил внимателно с цел да генерира по – голям брой резервации.<br> Осигуряваме професионално направени и селектирани снимки, които помагат на Вашия дом да изглежда красиво и да се откроява.

Interior Design

If necessary, an experienced interior designer will make it flawless for both you and your guests, encouraging five-star reviews and a corresponding increase in your income.

A Five-star hospitality for your guests

Communication with guests
We take care of the overall communication with your guests, both before and during their stay and we try to guarantee excellent reviews and high ratings for your property.
Accommodation 24/7
Members from our team accommodate and welcome your guests in person at any time of the day. In addition, each guest receives a guide with information about the available organized sight-seeing tours, both in the city and in the surrounding area, the nearby restaurants, emergency telephone numbers and other useful information.

Maintenance and cleaning

Our home maintenance and cleaning services are of the highest quality and standard because the people we work with are highly qualified and they strive to ensure that your place is always in excellent condition. After each stay we re-stock all consumables in your home, including clean and ironed bed linen and towels.
If necessary, we will provide you with our proven technicians and workmen.


We work with algorithms and tools created and developed by experts, which calculate the optimal price for a given period, taking into account all factors. This guarantees you a high rate of return.


We verify your guests by using social networks and we check their ratings in AIRBNB. Also, at check-in we require an identity document, address and telephone number.